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Cannabis MD Clinic: State Licensed Medical Expert

Many States have legalized the use of Cannabis extract based medicines to treat a specific list of symptoms. Cannabis MD clinic is a center where a licensed doctor can prescribe cannabis based medicine to patients that were diagnosed with one of the state approved symptoms.

At Cannabis MD Clinic, experienced specialists are licensed and certified to treat adult patients with medical cannabis prescriptions.  

Are you suffering with an approved condition and NEED To Get a Cannabis based treatment? 

You are in the right place! 

Cannabis Based Treatments

Cannabis based medicines can be prescribed only by a professional doctor certified with the state. The states that allow these prescriptions, regulate the licensees who can prescribe these treatment based on a set list of approved prognosis. The state also limits and control the companies that the patients can get the medicine dispensed from.

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When the states started legalizing the medical use of cannabis for treatment of patients suffering from a list of diagnosis, we researched the best way to be involved and compliment our treatments. 

Our Doctors have 30 years of medical expertise and got certified and licensed to prescribe the cannabis based treatments for the state approved list of diagnosis. They are now licensed to see patients and prescribe this medicine in 3 different states: Texas, Pennsylvania, Louisiana.

We can help you with your cannabis based prescription.

Once you have been diagnosed with one of the conditions on the approved list in a state where we are licensed (Texas, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana), we can connect at our office or via video conference to visit and prescribe your cannabis based medicine. See you soon!

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1441 Hwy 6 #100, Sugar Land, TX 77478

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